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numbers 31-40

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In general you just use the same hand to show the first digit and then the second digit to indicate numbers 31 through 99.
There are some special cases where some of the movements are modified (for example, see "33" below).
Plus there several variations on various numbers, but we will save those discussions for more advanced classes.

For example, 31 would be shown as a 3 and a 1:


33  -   This number uses a downward movement that bounces up and arcs over to the right and down again.

33: Animated:



Scott:  "You can sign it with a five-hand-plus-finger-wiggle, yes?"

Bill:  Right!  Good point.  Thanks. You can just wiggle your ring finger a couple times and it will mean "35." (If you wiggle the middle finger it will mean "25.") Here's what Scott is talking about:

"35" - (advanced version)

Note to the public:  Now, don't go emailing me telling me your teacher told you this version is wrong.  All I'm saying is that a student asked about the above variation that he saw being done in his region.  I personally don't do "35" this way but I've seen enough others do it this way for me to consider it a legitimate variation.  Choose whatever variation is used by your local instructor or local Deaf.






NOTE:  "Forties"
Here is a way to sign "In the forties range."  It means "forties."  (It doesn't mean the 1940's. That would be indicated  by signing:  19 + 40 DASH 19+50 APPROXIMATELY.)  This sign could be used for things like, "He is in his forties."

Numbers 1-10  /  11-20  /  21-30  /  31-40  /  100-900  / 1000 and up  /  Fractions 

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