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American Sign Language: "Michigan"

To indicate "Michigan" fingerspell the letters M-I-C-H.

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In a message dated 3/23/2012 6:11:40 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, fedearin@ writes:
Dear Dr. Bill,
Hi, I work in a State Park in Michigan where we occasionally get deaf guests that I would like to better service by learning ASL. ...
A question I have to ask people every day is whether they live in Michigan or not (admittance rates vary by if you are a resident). Do you think it would be acceptable to sign our state code M-I for Michigan or should I spell the entire word out? Lastly, to ask them if they live in Michigan, would I sign Michigan + you + live?
Thank you!
~Fay D_____

Dear Fay,
Just fingerspell the letters M-I-C-H.
If I were you, to ask folks if they live in Michigan I'd sign, YOU LIVE HERE M-I-C-H YOU? (with raised eyebrows).  You could drop the sign HERE and it would still work.  The raised eyebrows and repeating YOU at the end is the equivalent of the auxiliary "do" phrase, as in "Do you...?" -- and makes it clear that you are asking for a response.
-Dr. Bill

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