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American Sign Language:  "marriage / marry "

The sign for "marriage" is made by clasping both hands comfortably together. 
For right-handed people the right hand should be on top of the left hand.


 Memory Aid: think of a couple joining hands at their wedding:


HUSBAND (compounded):



Okay, let me show you better way to sign WIFE.  It is a "compound."  Instead of signing "GIRL + MARRIAGE" I simply bring a modified "C" handshape down from my chin. I consider this to be a better way to sign WIFE because it is more efficient.  The sign for HUSBAND also can be "compounded" and uses a modified "C" as the starting and ending handshape. 



NOTE: The "marriage" sign doesn't mean "wedding." They are two different signs.

Also see: "Do you mind if I marry your daughter?"

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