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American Sign Language: "kitchen"

The sign for "kitchen" has a couple of widely used variations.

You can sign "kitchen" by using a "K" handshape and making a small side to side movement.

KITCHEN (one-handed version)

For an animation, see: KITCHEN (one-handed version)



Another popular version of "kitchen" uses an "initialized" form of "cook."  You flip a "K" over on your palm as if turning a piece of food.

KITCHEN (two-handed version)

For an animation, see:
KITCHEN (one-handed version)

Sample sentence: "Why do Deaf people prefer the kitchen?" = WHY DEAF FAVORITE KITCHEN?

Good lighting is an important part of visual gestural communication.  Deaf people tend to gravitate to rooms and areas where there is good lighting.  Kitchens are typically well lit. When my wife and I go to a restaurant we tend to look around for a table with good lighting (but where there isn't a bright window directly behind one of us - since it is hard to see someone's face if they are in front of a window which is streaming bright light).

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