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American Sign Language:  "huh"  (What?)


Handshape: Both right and left hands in a "five" handshape.  Fingers and thumb spread, relaxed, (not straight)
Location: Mid-torso, in front of you, a foot or so apart from each other.
Orientation: You palms are facing up.
Movement:  Each hand moves horizontally outward and back in a couple of times. The movement is only a couple of inches at most.
Non-Manual Marker: "wh"  furrowed eyebrows.

Interpretations:  Used for the general concept of "what."
Example:  EAT HUH?  = "What do you want to eat?"

Inflections:  A larger movement could indicate exasperation as in, "What now!?!?"
Can be signed with one hand as a casual way of saying "hmmm?" As in, "What did you need?" or "What can I do for you?" --in response to someone's having gotten your attention.

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