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American Sign Language:  "garlic"


GARLIC (version)
The sign for "garlic" is similar to the sign "onion" except  the sign "garlic" is done on the side of the nose instead the side of the eye.
It is done as if signing "bored" but use the knuckle of an "X" handshape:


GARLIC (version)
Hold a loose "five" hand in front of your mouth and move it forward while wiggling the fingers as if showing your "garlic breath" coming out of your mouth as you talk.

[need to post pics]


GARLIC (version)
This version basically means "spicy."

[need to post pics]


One of my friends showed me this version. It was either my friend from Korea, or my friend from New Zealand.  I'll half to ask them both next time I see them.  So this sign is NOT American sign language but it is such a cool version of "garlic" that I couldn't resist showing it to you here.  See how the right hand represents "cloves?"


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