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American Sign Language: "freeway"

The sign for "freeway" in general is linked to the idea of your fingers representing lanes on a freeway. 

FREEWAY: Version 1:  Use "H" hands. I'm showing this sign in a very clinical way. However, please know that this sign is often done with "modified" "H"-hands wherein the thumbs are pointing up alongside the hands and not neatly tucked underneath.  Additionally you might see the hands pointing almost upward at the beginning of the sign before they move in toward each other and become horizontal as you see in my picture.


FREEWAY (version 2) Use bent 4-hands.  The thing about the FREEWAY sign is that it can be modified easily to show different types of freeways and/or roadways.  You can use four fingers on each hand to show a larger, busier freeway. You can add more facial expression. You can start crisscrossing the hands to show how certain freeways in large cities are complex, busy, and confusing.




You can even do the "roadway" type sign using just one index finger extended on each hand to show a road with a single lane going each way.

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