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American Sign Language: "fall"

There are a variety of ways to express the concept of "fall." It depends on your meaning.

If you mean "fall" as in "fall down"  or "fell onto the ground" you can use a "V"-handshape to represent a person falling.  You can modify the movement of the falling process to show exactly how the person fell (this is called "using a classifier").


You can modify the FALL sign to mean "fall" as in to "fall off of something."
Use the upside down "V"-handshape to "stand on the non-dominant palm. Then show the "V"-handshape falling off the palm and downward a foot or so.



You can do the FALL sign from the head area (hold the "V"-handshape up near your scalp) using and moving both hands alternately (first one hand then the other) to mean "hair fall out."

If you mean "fall" as in "fall in love" see: FALL-in-love

AUTUMN:  If you mean "fall" as in the season "autumn" then visit the "autumn" page. See: AUTUMN


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