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American Sign Language: "Christmas"

The sign for Christmas has several variations.

Hint:  Think of a wreath.


Another way to sign Christmas is based on moving a "C" hand in a partial circle as if tracing the shape of a "wreath." You us a "C" handshape to show the top inside edge of a wreath. This version of Christmas is similar to the previous "wreath" version except the sign ends palm upward (still in a "C" shape).

CHRISTMAS (wreath version)


Yet another way to sign Christmas is based on the sign for TREE.  It is an initialized form of the sign "TREE" using the general location and structure of the sign for TREE but a "C" handshape (on the dominant hand).  No, this sign doesn't mean "Christmas Tree."  To indicate a Christmas tree do two separate signs: CHRISTMAS + TREE.

CHRISTMAS (tree version) (not recommended)


For the "Merry Christmas" greeting, just show an "M" and a "C"


Many years ago I had the opportunity to serve as a "Signing Santa" in Ogden, Utah.  Many students (the younger ones) from the Ogden School for the Deaf came and seemed quite delighted to find out that Santa wore a hearing aid and knew sign language. Ho, ho, ho!

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