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American Sign Language: "cheat"

The sign for "cheat" has quite a few variations. 

In this first (and recommended version) the handshape on the non-dominant arm isn't important. It could be a loose hand, a fist, or a flat hand. Here I'm showing it with a "horns"-handshape.  The dominant hand is in a horns handshape.  Hold the non-dominant arm up in front of you and brush the index-finger side of the dominant hand down along the side of the non-dominant forearm near the elbow. Use either one or two movements. The movement is a thrusting movement that glances off the side of the arm.

CHEAT (version 1) 


Version 2:
Do the same version as above but on the dominant hand use a "1"-handshape and for the non-dominant hand just use a flat hand, loose hand, or a fist (but not a "horns"-handshape.


There is another way to sign "cheat" that is based on the idea of "straddling the fence."

Hold up a non-dominant flat hand. Jam your dominant V-hand down twice onto the flat hand.

CHEAT (version 3)


There are other ways to sign "cheat." It seems that "cheat" is one of those signs that have a dozen versions.  I'll show you one more version here, but really, you should check with your local Deaf and/or stick with the main version I show at the top of the page.)

In this next version of "cheat" the right "P" hand pivots forward and back on the SIDE of the nose. (Careful here, wouldn't want to accidentally do any body-part signs eh?)

CHEAT (version 4) (NOT recommended)  (Regional variation.)
(Do not learn version. I won't test on it).

I include the "P to the side of the nose" version merely to point out that there are many ways to sign cheat. Check with your local Deaf or your local instructor to see what is used in your area.

Note: If you cheat in my class I will give you an "F."

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