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American Sign Language: "cave"

A student writes:

 Dr. Bill,
I am looking for a sign for the word "cave" as in "Mammoth Cave" or "Carlsbad Caverns." I'm sure there is one. It just seems to be one of those secret handshake things.
Thank you.
- Max

Hi Max,
I tend to just spell "C-A-V-E" but if I'm telling a story of some sort I whip out a couple of "C" handshapes and show (depict) what the cave looks like (long, twisted, narrow, etc.) while using my face to indicate if it is spooky or not.
- Dr. Bill

CAVE (Version 1)

Note: When spelling C-A-V-E the "E" tends to mutate into a two-fingered version of "E" due to coming after the letter "V."  


Note: For the sign "CAVE" you only move the dominant hand -- unless you are describing a very long tunnel or pipeline that extends quite a distance both ways. In that case you'd have the right hand go off to the right and the left hand go off to the left.

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