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American Sign Language: "caribou"


CARIBOU (version 1)


CARIBOU (version 2)
This version of "caribou" is based on the showing of "antlers" somewhat similar to DEER but instead with a forward, somewhat rounded  movement. 

My wife, Belinda, was nice enough to piece together that graphic from some other graphics.

I'm sure you'll agree, that is one fine looking graphic. 

What you won't get agreement on (in the Deaf Community) is exactly how to sign the differences between "deer," "caribou," and "moose."

Feel free to try the "3-hand" from the forehead version.  If someone questions you on it, ask them "Have you ever seen a caribou up close?!?" -- (as if "you" have -- regardless if you have or not) and then continue on without giving them a chance to respond) "Well, most of the time there is this big antler sticking out in front of their head in addition to the other anglers that go up, out, and around!"

For those of you who are a bit like me and want some "back-story" to things or at least a visual example -- I dug up and adapted the following graphic by Allison Gober:

Picture source: Gober, Allison, 2013, April 9, "Deer Differences," Interactive Media 1 - Spring 2013.
Retrieved 7/31/2014 from: "http://art341s13. wordpress .com/2013/04/09/deer-differences/"







ELK:  I just fingerspell "ELK."

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