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American Sign Language: "avocado"


Lately the sign I've seen going around in 2018 for AVOCADO is to mime the twisting of the avocado halves.   (You know how your slice an avocado then twist it to separate the two halves. Just pretend you are holding an avocado and twist it.)



In a message dated 4/26/2005 8:25:29 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
Dear Bill,
For a few weeks, I have been searching the net for information about ASL-- to teach it to my binational German and USA) children.  while I enjoy procrastinating from my work and learning from your website, I found the signing time video being exciting for my three year old daughter and somewhat interesting to my 1 year old son.  Now, my daughter asks me every day about a new sign-- which most of them I am able to find somewhere in the net. But, for a whole week she keeps asking for

She even invented her own sign for it, since I was not able to come up with it.  To  make a long story short: what is the sign for Avocado?  She loves eating them and just needs to know. I would appreciate your help

M. Kiegelmann
(Educational psychologist at the university ot Tübingen, Germany)

Dear M.,
Hello :)
As you've noticed (in your unfruitful search for it on the net), the sign for "AVOCADO" is a not that widely known.
Since I moved to California (United States) I've seen quite a few of my friends using a sign for AVOCADO that looks like you are slicing the pit from an avocado. You cup your left hand (if you are right handed) as if holding an avocado) and then you form your right hand into an "A" handshape. Then you pretend your thumb (on the "A" hand) is a knife and you slice the "pit" from the "avocado."



At least one version of the sign for avocado in South America uses an "S" hand and a "Curved Hand."  You use a mashing motion as you bring the "S" hand forward into the "curved" hand with a twist.  Repeat.
AVOCADO (South American variation: shown to me by a Deaf man from South America).

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