Syllabus:  ASL Level 1 [self-study]

Course description:
An internet-based, self-study general introduction to American Sign Language. Suitable for community education or general learning. An introduction to American Sign Language. Students will learn basic vocabulary, grammar, history, fingerspelling, numbers, terminology, and Deaf culture. This course will require 45 to 60 online contact-hours, plus review time.


Tuition: Free

Course Materials Free
This version of the
course makes extensive use of lessons 1-15 of the ASL University website.  Additionally students are encouraged to borrow materials at no cost from their local library.

Procedure: Use the schedule below and the checklists in the lessons to track your own progress through the lessons. The lessons contain links that will take you directly to the lessons. Visit each lesson page.  Read through the lesson and click on all of the vocabulary links.  Read the information on the various vocabulary pages.  Practice the signs you see on the vocabulary pages, then use your knowledge of the vocabulary to do the practice sheets at each lesson.


Click on the lesson links below to to to the specified location:








Lesson 1


Lesson 6


Lesson 11


Lesson 2


Lesson 7


Lesson 12


Lesson 3


Lesson 8


Lesson 13


Lesson 4


Lesson 9


Lesson 14


Lesson 5


Lesson 10


Lesson 15



Limitations:  This version of the course has no direct instructor involvement and is suitable for casual learners who do not need documentation or testing.  This syllabus is not a contract. This course does not claim to prepare anyone for any type of employment or fulfill any academic criteria.  Participation in this course is for fun and enjoyment only.  Any comments found in the website should not considered legal or medical advice. No documentation is provided for the self-study version of this course. Participation or completion of this course does not preclude the necessity of providing a qualified ASL interpreter in those situations where required by law.