Dr. Bill's Printable Mail Order Form
(For paying with checks or money orders.)

Dear Dr. Bill,
I'd like to order the following product: 

I'm enclosing a check or money order for: $
Which covers the cost of the product plus shipping and handling. 
[U.S. = $3.95,  Canada = $5.95,  Outside of North America = $9.95]

Please ship my product to:


Include your name and address (write it clearly or type it in the area above).
It is very helpful to also include your email.
Make your check or money order out to: William Vicars 
Then send the check or money order and this page to: 

Dr. William Vicars
8506 Everglade Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95826-3617

Note: The product should arrive within about 2-weeks of the time we get your order.
Three weeks at the most.  If it isn't in your possession at that time, PLEASE DO email me at: 
Have a nice day.  Also, feel free to round your numbers up and/or add a donation (heh). 
Dr. Bill