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ASL: verbs of cause and effect


As always, my preferred approach to wrapping my mind and the minds of my students around something is to organize the topic around:
1. What is the big word?
2. What is the definition of big word?
3. What are examples?

So thus we have:

1. Term: verbs of cause and effect

2. Definition: Words or signs that describe actions, states, or occurrences that link actions, phenomena, or conditions with the results of those actions, phenomena, or conditions.

3. Examples:
accounts for: THAT REASON / THAT EXPLAIN WHY / WHY?-[rhetorical]
affects: IMPACT-[hit] / INFLUENCE
be responsible for: IX-"it" RESPONSIBLE FOR
brings about: CAUSE / CAUSE HAPPEN / FORCE / IMPACT from-THEN-on-[PROCEED-from-that-point]
causes: CAUSE / IMPACT-[hit]
contributes to: SUPPORT / ADD-to / INCREASE
gives rise to: CAUSE / CAUSE HAPPEN
induces: CAUSE
influences: INFLUENCE / CHANGE /
leads to: LEAD-[inflected_version]
produces: MAKE
results in: RESULT-[initialized] / result-[END]
triggers: TRIGGER / START / CAUSE / pop-up-THOUGHT-into-brain /

Other ASL signs related to cause and effect: SPREAD! / DOMINOES / MANIPULATE / KICK / light-FIRE

Plus worth considering are the use of rhetorical questions such as:  WHY-[rhet], REASON-[rhet], FOR-FOR-[rhet] HAPPEN-WHAT-[rhet]




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