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I'm grateful to all of the many people who have been supportive of my work and efforts.
Looking back, "online learning of American Sign Language" seems like an OBVIOUS thing to do.
Would you believe that in the early days I received quite a bit of criticism for teaching ASL online?
On the other hand, (wink) there were those who were open minded and said "go for it."  Thank you.
--Dr. Bill

Partial list:
Belinda Vicars (my wife)
Brian Wilding (my bud from way back)
Sean Benson (I'm his wingman. What can I say.)
Emma (programmer)
V i n c e  O' N e i l  (my original web mentor)
D a v i d  O' N e i l  (artist in the early days of this web)
Robert Mori (who did a really terrific rendition of me in my ASL Hero guise as "Safari Bill")
John Feagans (my friend, business partner on several projects, manager of, and programmer)
Sumiko Feagans (John's incredible wife)
Gail Halverson (programmer)
Tim Cropper (programmer)
John McAfee (programmer, I wonder if he was "THAT" John McAfee. Seriously. It might have been him.)
Tim Whitehouse (programmer)

And dozens of ASL instructors who have taken the time to share their wisdom and suggestions for improvement.
Along with quite a few wonderful students who volunteered to serve as student models in many of my videos.


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