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Book Review: Of Sound Mind

In a message dated 3/5/2007 10:01:08 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, radmom8992@ writes:

Dear Dr. Bill,
I just wanted to pass along a book recommendation for your list. I found it in the YFIC section of my library. "Of Sound Mind" by Jean Ferris, 2001, available in paperback and hardcover.

It is the story of Theo, a high school senior; the only hearing member of his family. His mother is a self-absorbed, successful sculptor, who prefers to use her son as her main interpreter, rather than employ professional interpreters, "hearies" whom she mistrusts. Theo meets Ivy, a hearing girl, also fluent in ASL because her father is deaf.

I recommend this book, not so much for its plot, but because it provides hearing readers with a window on many aspects of deaf culture and interpreting.

Lynn Rafferty


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