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ASL: "Large Print Sign Language Dictionary?

An ASL Hero from Campbell, California wrote:


I stumbled on your website looking for a large print ASL dictionary for my father who is 78. He is hard of hearing, reads lips and knows some sign language but wants to improve now that he has willing neighbors. But he can't see most ASL dictionaries because the print is too small.

He is not able to use the internet or apps as they confuse him. I am looking for traditional media. Do you know of any large print ASL dictionaries?

I would greatly appreciate any help you can give.

[Name removed for privacy.]

Hello _____!
You could purchase a normal ASL dictionary and then pay $50 or $60 to a local copy shop to chop off the binding and then feed it through an auto copier and expand the page sizes to "legal" or "broadsheet" size and then spiral bind the result so it would lay flat. Since it would be for personal study AND as an accommodation for an individual with a disability -- the copy shop should be willing to help out.
- Dr. Bill
William G. Vicars, EdD

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Subject: RE: Large print sign language dictionary?

Great idea! I'll have to try that.
Thank you,

[Name removed for privacy]


Notes:   Additionally, you may wish to consider contacting any local community colleges and asking the instructor if he/she/they might happen to have any advanced students who might be willing to hold a study group at the "rest home" and volunteer to practice with your father.

(Perhaps you might even offer a small stipend -- but be careful to not make this about "money" since you only want someone interacting with your dad who has a good heart rather than someone just doing it for the money.)

Having a personal "practice buddy" would also provide your father with additional companionship and interaction.


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