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Deaf Artists:  CJ Jones

Lisa Heldreth
May 05, 2007

C.J. Jones is an amazing person in general. I wouldn't count him any less than a modern day, typical hearing actor. No, in fact I would have to say he is better than any actor or actress I have known. I say this because he is very inspirational. Not only is C.J. an actor, comedian, and director, he is also a CEO, producer, writer, educator, and motivational speaker (1). I really am impressed by his works and his accomplishments. Being a black, deaf, male, in the acting is world is virtually impossible. It is so inspiring to see how far he has made it in this industry.

Although Jones was born hearing, to two deaf parents, he became deaf at the age of seven when he received spinal meningitis. It is interesting to note that his parents were very happy to find that he would become deaf. C.J. received a lot of his humor from his father, as C.J. would stay up late and watch his dad chat with friends in the kitchen (2).

Personally, watching snippets of C.J. Jones' "What Are You Deaf?" act, really made me laugh and also relate. Not only did I watch this act written, and stared in by the man himself, I also watched "Children Of A Lesser God" which he directed and appeared in in a stage production. I noticed that in both of these creations, there was a lot of information and personal feelings, that portrayed the life of oppressed deaf people in a hearing world (3).

C.J. Jones is an awesome Comedian and an awesome motivational role model for not only people of the deaf community, but also to every person who has ever been shot down or oppressed by this world. Thanks to C.J. the deaf world and culture is where it is today, and I am sure his actions and ambitions have lead to breakthroughs within deaf communities all over the world.



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