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Mathew Call
Consultant / Trainer / Interpreter:

Mathew Call is an expert on interpersonal communication and cross-cultural discourse.  He is the author of a series of articles regarding how culture influences social situations and interactions. By studying complex, culturally-charged social interactions Call has developed systems to help schools and communities work more effectively with their diverse populations."

In addition to his cross-cultural work, Call is an expert on interpreting issues involving trilingual interpretation settings with a focus on American Sign Language, Spanish, and English in Healthcare settings.

Call is a nationally certified interpreter for the Deaf, , and is listed with the national Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf organization.  He is certified to interpret in a broad range of general interpreting/transliterating assignments (*National Interpreter Certification).  In addition to a Berlitz Spanish proficiency score of C2, he is also certified to interpret in public school settings and holds the new Educational Interpreters Performance Assessment Certification (EIPA).  Call also holds related degrees from accredited schools in Sociology and in Sign Language Interpreting.

In addition to his consulting and workshops, Call has had substantial "hands on experience" as a working trilingual medical interpreter and a video relay interpreter for a variety of organizations including University of California Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California and Purple Communications, Inc.

He is also a member of the Sign Language and Deaf Studies Presenters Network.

Comments, questions, or workshop requests may be directed to Mr. Call at:

*Note:  The National Interpreter Certification (NIC) credential indicates that the holder of the certification has passed a rigorous performance test and demonstrated general knowledge of the field of interpreting including ethical decision making, interpreting and transliterating skills. Certificate holders have demonstrated professional knowledge and skills that meet or exceed the minimum professional standards necessary to perform in a broad range of interpretation and transliteration assignments.