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American Sign Language: "vice-president"

An interpreter named Cydrina writes:
I was asked to interpret in a union meeting for 2 Deaf ladies -- something that is totally out of my field as I am used to interpreting in my church. I did a lot of fingerspelling, and thank the 2 Deaf ladies for returning the signs for words I didn't know, words like super-annuation and trusteeship.  Is VP commonly used for vice president? Or is that more for Video-Phone? The first time I signed vice president, I spelled VICE and signed president, but after that, I signed VP and they understood me.
Hi Cydrina,
I use the fingerspelled letters "V-P" (in the normal / neutral fingerspelling area) to mean video phone.

I sign "vice president" by touching the index finger of the "V" hand to the side of my forehead and then smoothly changing it into a "P" (still near but not touching the forehead).

I've seen some people sign "vice president" by touching the tip of the index finger of their dominant "V" hand to their temple and then signing PRESIDENT as normal.
- Dr. Bill

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