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American Sign Language: "used"

If you mean "used" as in, "I've used that before," see: USE
If you mean "used" as in "I used to live there," See: PAST
Sometimes you might want to use the sign for "old" to mean used.
See: OLD

If you mean "used" as in a "used car" see the explanation below.

In a message dated 10/29/2006 1:23:31 PM Pacific Standard Time, rollendonner@ writes:
I learned a "new" sign today that [my] teacher hadn't known before: apparently the local slang for "used car" is signed with an "L" sign with the index finger pointed away from you like a pistol (at about a 45 degree angle) and shaking it back and forth a few times--like prodding someone with a gun to buy a car they don't really want? The person who had learned it from Deaf friends had no explanation but swore that it was true.
Actually, that sign is based on a sign that means "second" as in "I second that motion," or "used / second-hand"
When at a board meeting if we want to second something we will use the "L" hand pointed somewhat forward and up.  The movement is a forward/sidewards roll with a quick ending.
If you roll the sign toward a person that sign can also be used to mean, "it's your turn."
When this sign is used for cars it means "a second-hand car." 
-- Dr. Bill

SECOND-HAND / his-her-TURN / (used) / STEP-(as in step-mom or step dad)

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