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American Sign Language: "usb-drive"

Most of the time the concept of "USB drive" is clear if you simply spell USB and then mime a "stick it in" movement.

As a completely made up, fictitious example, suppose I were to lose my USB drive. 
(Since I never lose my usb drive. Ahem.)
I might sign to my wife:  YOU SEE MY USB RECENTLY?

She would then instantly know I'm asking if she knows the location of my "USB drive."

However, suppose you are talking about various types of wires and cables.  If you spelled "USB" during that conversation it would refer to the a "USB wire" not a "USB drive."  Thus the interpreted meaning depends on context.

So, if you really and truly needed to indicate specifically a USB drive, (the kind you plug into a computer), then you would spell USB and use a "Classifier: G" or a "closed X" to mime the process of plugging a USB drive into a computer.

USB Drive:

Spell USB, then mime plugging in a USB drive.

You can use either a "G" handshape like below, or a "Closed X" handshape like above as you mime the process of sticking a USB drive into a port on your computer.


p.s. Just in case you were wondering, USB stands for Universal Serial Bus.

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