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UNCLE: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "uncle"

Also see: FAMILY


To do the sign for "uncle" hold a "U" hand near the side of your your head.*   Twist (or just shake) the "U" hand  twice.





Uncle: (variation)
Some people shake a "U" handshape side to side using a very small repeated movement.
The position is to the side of your head, near your ear or a bit higher.*

UNCLE [shake version]


* Memory aid: Think of the initial for "Aunt" or "Uncle" next to the female or male-related typical sign location or position.  Notice how most male signs (boy, man, uncle, father, brother...) are done up near the forehead or "brain" area--which is to say, where the thinking occurs, but most female-related signs (female, woman, mother, sister, aunt...) are near the mouth where the talking occurs?

I pointed this out to my wife and she explained it to me: 
"Men think they know what they are talking about, women really do.




*Tip:  During casual signing or high speed conversations you may see this and other signs done lower than how they are shown in "dictionaries."


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