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American Sign Language:  "touch"

This page also discusses: "Have you been to...?" and "Dwell on."


"Have you ever been to...?"
In addition to meaning "touch" in general, this sign can also be used to mean "been to."  As in, "Have you ever been to Utah?" You would sign that by using the signs "FINISH TOUCH U-T-A-H YOU?"

"Touched my heart."
You can modify the meaning of this sign by changing the location. You use the right hand to "touch" your heart. You start about six inches in front of your heart using the handshape shown above. Then jab your middle finger into your heart. The movement is relatively quick followed by a hold.   Think of an arrow piercing your heart.

"Think about for a long time."
"Obsess over"
You do this sign by first doing the sign for touch, then, keeping your hands together, move both hands forward, down, back, and up a couple times.

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