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TAMPON: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "tampon"

Question: A student asks:
Is there a difference between "appear" and "tampon", or is it just context?

Often skilled signers prefer to just spell "tampon."
Sometimes the signs APPEAR and TAMPON look quite similar.
Sometimes the signs exhibit a very minor but observable difference.

Think of the signs APPEAR-(show-up) and TAMPON as being on the same spectrum with a lot of overlap. By that I mean yes, they can look the same and be distinguishable only by context -- however you can sign TAMPON using small differences in orientation, or use an "L" hand for the non-dominant hand.







Notes and references:

Here is a screenshot of Karla Gutierrez signing tampon as part of a discussion on toxic shock syndrome (TSS).

[Source: Gutierrez, Karla (July 25, 2018) Tampons: Toxic Shock Syndrome, DPAN.TV retreived 11/14/2022 from ]


Here is a screenshot from: the "tampon" entry at "Spread the Sign"

[Source: tampon (2018) English (United States) entry for "tampon," Spread the Sign (online sign language dictionary), retrieved 11/14/2022 from (specifically: )]






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