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TAKE: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "take"


There are many different ways to sign "take" (not just one way).

Many concepts do not use a separate sign to create the meaning of take. Instead, such concepts already include the meaning of "take" in the sign itself

If you mean take as in "to take something from someone or someplace then use the "TAKE-from" version of take:


TAKE-from / grab from / snatch:



If you mean:

Take a class



Then use the TAKE-up version of take:
If you mean "take" as in "take a class" then you are going to use the version that also means "adopt" as in "We want to adopt a baby" and/or "evaporate" as in, "The sun "evaporated" all the water. 

TAKE-up / adopt / evaporate / soak-up:




Let's review this very important version of "take."

* It uses two hands
* It starts using palm-down, loose, "5-hands"
* It changes to "S" hands

Remember, this version of the sign TAKE doesn't mean to "take from."

This version means things like:
- to take a class
- to adopt a method
- to adopt a child

- to evaporate
- the sky absorbed the water and made clouds



If you mean "take turns" then use one of the various signs for "take turns"

See: "take turns"


If you mean "take something to" as in "to bring" something then use the BRING sign:




Would you mind taking me to (some place) and dropping me off?
Then use




If you mean "take" as in, "I take aspirin daily," then hold an imaginary pill between your middle finger and your thumb and "pop" it into your mouth. 
You can also hold the pill between your index finger and your thumb.

TAKE-a-pill / pop a pill / pop into your mouth:

Related concepts: (will have links eventually):


Take a bath

Take a big bite

Take a bite

Take a breath

Take a call  (incoming call)

Take a look at

Take a p_ss

Take a picture with a camera

Take a picture with a phone

Take a ride (in a car)

Take apart something

Take care of

Take forever

Take notice of

Take off (leave / flat hands version)

Take off (leave)

Take off (plane or jet)

Take off work

Take someone's temperature

Take something out of something else

Take the dog for a walk

Take tiny bites

Take your time



Also see:  "Take it easy"

Also see: "TAKE-TURNS"

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