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American Sign Language: "sun"

The sign for "sun" has several versions.  Use whatever version your local teacher or Deaf friends use.


Here is version of "sun" that is based on the sign "sunlight" (like a ray of sunlight coming down from the sky.)  If you just do a small movement, it is interpreted as "sun."  If you do a larger downward movement it will be interpreted as "sunlight."
Circle a flattened "O" handshape once and then bring it downward an inch or two as you open it up.


Sample sentence: "Why do pilots wear sun glasses?"


Note: Usually I tend to just spell S-U-N and sign glasses.
As with most compound signs, the movements are condensed and quick.

There is another popular version of the sign for "sun" that uses a "C" handshape.
Start near the eye and move it up into the "sky."

SUN ("C"-hand version)

Note: The "C"-hand version of SUN is somewhat paired with the sign for "moon."  The sign for "sun" uses a full "C" hand, whereas the sign for "moon" uses just the thumb and index finger.




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