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American Sign Language: "student"


The sign for "student" is a combination of the sign "learn" and the non-initialized sign for "person."  Hold your "non-dominant") hand out flat, palm facing upward.  Take your dominant hand and and grab some imaginary information off of your palm.  Lift that information up and stick it in your head.  Then show the person sign.

The more "casually" you do the sign STUDENT, the more the sign looks as if you are throwing away a piece of paper.
Note: When signing "STUDENT" your non-dominant hand should stay down near your torso and not move up toward your head when you move the dominant hand upward. We want to avoid looking as if we are combining the signs STUDENT and TEACHER.

STUDENT (casual version):



STUDENT: longer more formal version:

STUDENT (or "Learner"  =  "LEARN - PERSON")

Sample Animation: "STUDENT" (.gif file)

Sample sentence: Why do students fail a class?  = STUDENT FAIL CLASS WHY?



Also see: "LEARN"
Also see: Advanced discussion (not needed for this lesson). Can skip.


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