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American Sign Language: "spend"

The sign labeled as SPEND is generally done with one hand and means to "spend money." 
You can use it to mean "my treat" as in "I'll pay for it."

Memory aid: Pretend you've got a quarter under your thumb.  As you move your hand forward, slide the quarter forward and off your fingers as if sliding it into a vending machine.) 



There are several other ways to sign SPEND. 


Spend freely, splurge:

You can do that sign a bit more wildly to mean "spend recklessly."

SQUANDER, blow money:

CHIP-IN, pool your money,


The right hand is somewhat near the mouth.  The left hand is lower and more forward. Bring the hands forward and down a bit. Use a double movement.


FEED / NOURISH is a great sign.  I recall watching a young man talk about his car.  That car was his pride and joy. One complaint he had though was it was like a baby.  He had to keep "feeding" it.  This is the sign he used for "feeding." What he meant was he had to keep spending a lot of money on it.

This same sign can be used to mean "nourish."

See:  FEED (animation)

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