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American Sign Language: "Spain"

The sign "Spain" is one of those signs that has quite a few versions and has evolved over time.  It is always good to check with your local adult native Deaf socially active signers as to any local preferences how ever since you are here I'll show you some common versions.

SPAIN:  X hand twist over the heart* version. 



Spain / Spanish:  Both hands move forward off the shoulders version:


A common sigh for "Spanish" uses "X" hands.  Start the dominant hand at the shoulder. Hold non-dominant hand iat the neutral location in front of your torso.
Bring the dominant hand down to the non-dominant hand and interlock the X's or just bring bottom side of the index finger of the the dominant X into contact with upper side of the non-dominant X-hand index finger.

You may see some people use this sign to mean "Spain." It is also an older version of the sign for "Mexico."  See: MEXICO)


Spain / SPANISH / Mexico:

Note: the non-dominant hand is NOT an O.  The angle of the camera just makes it look like that. I'm doing an "X" on both hands.
Also, there is a newer version of Mexico.  See: MEXICO for details.

Spain:  One handed shoulder to shoulder arc version:


Spain: Version 4:


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