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SOUTH: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for: south / southern

The sign for south is generally done by holding an "S" hand in front of you and then moving the hand downward.

SOUTH: Version 1


Some people sign "south" with the orientation of their "S" palm down.

SOUTH: version 2 (palm down)

Memory tip: When you look at a map, south tends to be toward the bottom.



If you mean south as in "South America" you can use a two-handed version of SOUTH
That is not the "only" version of South America (many people just do the sign "SOUTH" and then add the sign "AMERICA."  So, stay flexible regarding the sign or signs for "South America."



"South Carolina"
The state "South Carolina" is often referred to by fingerspelling "SC."

Note: Matt Kross writes: "Here in South Carolina, we use either fs-SC and SOUTH fs-C (similar to South Dakota). Just to to be sure our fingerspelling is not misread as NC."

"South Dakota"
Many people do a downward movement of an "S" for SOUTH followed by a regular spelling of the letter "D" for "South Dakota."
You may occasionally see someone spell SD to mean "South Dakota.
Using the SOUTH sign in SOUTH-DAKOTA followed by a "D" (instead of just fingerspelling"SD") helps to distinguish the sign from "San Diego" which is typically done by just spelling SD.
Some people circle an "S" and change it into a "D" to mean "South Dakota."


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External examples of the "palm down" version of the sign for South"

The version at "" under their "south" entry:
The 1:39 (time code) of this video:
The 24 second mark of this video:
The 9:47 mark of this video:


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