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American Sign Language: "show" or "demonstrate" or "example"

SHOW:  As in, "I want to show you my new puppy."


Some people do the sign "SHOW" with the non-dominant hand sideways instead of vertical.  This version of "show" means the same as the above version. I include it here so you'll see there is more than one "right" way to do this sign.


The sign for show is "directional." By that I mean you can use the direction of the sign to indicate who is doing the showing and who is doing the seeing of what is being shown.  For example, if I start the sign away from my body (nearer to you) and then move the sign closer toward my body (nearer to me) that would mean "you-SHOW-me" or "show it to me."

Sample sentence: Show me your favorite sign:

SHOW-me:  If you start the sign farther way from your body and move it closer to you, it means, "Show me." 

SHOW-all:  If you use a horizontal sweep with this sign it can mean, "show everyone," "show them," or "show all of you."

If you mean "show" as in "show up" the use the "show up / appear" sign:


SHOW-UP: (animated)

Also see: SHOW-UP

Note:  If you mean "show" as in, "I want to go to the (movie) show" then you should use the sign MOVIE.

If you mean "show" as in a Broadway show, see: ACT

Also see: EXAMPLE

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