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American Sign Language: "short"

When you sign "short" you need to choose your meaning.  Do you mean "short in height" or "short in length or duration?"

"short in height"
Notice the right hand is slightly bent at the large knuckles.


SHORT as in "length or duration."  Note: Both hands are in "H" handshapes. The dominant hand moves, the non-dominant hand is stationary.  Use a double motion. If you use a single, quick, large, outward movement it means "brief."

SHORT as in "a short while," "soon," "not long"


SHORT as in "brief."  Use a single quick movement of the right hand and extend the movement a bit farther into the air.


Use a slicing movement to show the length of your sleeve:

Note:  If you were "short on cash" you would sign MONEY, (negative headshake)-ENOUGH. (Or some other similar set of signs.)

Note: If you have too much time on your hands and want yet another "SHORT" version, see: "Short of breath."

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