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American Sign Language: "shave"

SHAVE:  This version uses an "X" handshape. 
Move your hand as if scraping the side of your cheek twice with the top of your "X."
In typical usage you don't actually make contact with the face during this sign, but if you do, no big deal.  If you were inflecting the sign to mean "shave carefully" or some other extended meaning then you would indeed make contact with the face.

SHAVE:  Here's and oldie but goodie. Comes from the days when people used straight edge razors.

Ah, but what if you are a woman?  Obviously women don't shave their faces, (, well, right along...) they instead shave their armpits (most women in this country (U.S.) anyway. 
So here is another version of the sign for shave:

Form an "X" handshape and hold it near your armpit. (An inch or two away.)  Move the hand down, up, and down again.  Use some wrist movement.  The hand doesn't need to touch the armpit. If it happens to brush up against your shirt or body no big deal.

In a message dated 8/10/2007 3:26:54 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, monta@ writes:

So, now the obvious question-- What about shaving the bikini line? Waxing? Brazilian waxing?
Sorry-- just had to ask.; )
Monta Briant
Well my dear, you would just modify the sign for "SHAVE" by doing it down near the bikini line.
Waxing?  Spell W-A-X, then hold both hands down on your thigh as if holding onto the wax tape and then rip upward viciously with a look of pain on your face.  Mwahahaha.
--Dr. Bill

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