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American Sign Language: "shark"


SHARK (version 1)
You know that fin that is on top of a sharks back that sticks up above the water as it swims? Do you know what that fin is called?  It's called the "dorsal fin."  It helps keep the sharks body stable as it slices through the water on its way to bite your leg off.
Um...too much information?  Sorry.  Hey, here's the sign:
Pretend you are a shark.  Get in the mood.  Now, hold a flat hand at the top of your head as if you've got your very own dorsal fin.  Now, go bite somebody's leg. THAT'S IT!  Good! You got it!


SHARK (version 2)

Not quite as fun as the above version, but still worth knowing. This second version uses the left hand to show the surface of the water and the right hand to show the...what's the name of that fin?  Right, d o r s a l  fin slicing through the water as the shark is on it's way nevermind.


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