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American Sign Language: "SCPI"

What is the Sign Communication Proficiency Interview?

The SCPI is a conversational approach to sign language communications skill assessment. The SCPI permits interview content to vary according to the job responsibilities, background, and interests of each person interviewed. The goal of the SCPI is to assess how well people are able to use sign language for their communication needs, and, as appropriate, to assist people in development of their sign language communication skills.

The SCPI involves a one-to-one conversation between the interviewer and candidate/interviewee, with each interviewee videotaped and subsequently rated independently by SCPI raters. The basis for ratings is the SCPI Rating Scale, a standard scale based on a highly skilled, knowledgeable native/native-like signer. The SCPI assesses American Sign Language as it is used among skilled sign language communicators in the United States. This use includes the full range of ASL from pure, linguistic descriptions of ASL to English influenced signing.



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