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American Sign Language: "register" or "registration"


REGISTER or registration:  This version uses an "R" handshape. Use a double motion.  Lay the right "R" hand across the palm-side of the fingers of the left flat-hand. Then lift and move the "R" two inches toward the heel of the left hand and lay the "R" on the palm of the left hand.


This version uses a "U" handshape.
The sign for "signature" is often used to mean "register."



Sample sentence:
Ha! In this next video I'm "attempting" to sign "Have you registered for school next year?" by using the signs, "next-YEAR SCHOOL FINISH REGISTER YOU?"
But if you watch close you'll notice that at the beginning of the sign register I start to use the "U"-hand version and then I change my mind and switch over to the "R" hand version.  I'll have to redo that video, but I'll post it for now because it gives a great example of "next-YEAR."



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