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American Sign Language: "pudding"

There is no one specific widely recognized sign for pudding.  Of course, some people just spell it.

Others however spell it and then sign "SOUP" (because the sign for "soup" is represented by eating from a bowl with a spoon).  Still others upon first reference will spell PUDDING and then sign SWEET-SOUP.  Then for the rest of the conversation will simply sign "SOUP" or "SWEET" but not both.  I personally only talk about pudding about once every few years but when I do I spell "pudding" if I'm chatting with an adult and I do the "SWEET SOUP" version if I'm chatting with a small child.



In a message dated 1/26/2006 9:11:30 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:
    Do you know of an ASL sign for pudding?  It is one of my son's favorite foods and I can't seem to find a sign for it anywhere.  Thank you for your wonderful website.  I look forward to receiving the Superdisk soon.
Ellen Bergstrom 
There is no strongly established sign for pudding. There are various ways to convey the concept:
1.  Spell it the first time in the conversation, then sign "soup" after that for the remainder of the conversation.
2.  Sign  SWEET + SOUP
3.  Initialize the sign SOUP with a "P" handshape. (NOT RECOMMENDED)
Methods one and two would be considered ASL.  Method three would generally be considered "Signed English." 
--Dr. Bill


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