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PROCEED: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "proceed, get along with, commence, moving forward from this point in time, get to it, get going with an endeavor"

PROCEED: This sign also means "GET-ALONG"
The bent hands move straight forward.


"From now on"  "From this point forward"  "From here on out..." "after that point in time"



In comments of the instructional video titled "Interviewing in ASL (part 1) American Sign Language" ( ) a student with a YouTube username of "Grack la" asks a:

"I don't understand why the word PROCEED would be signed in "Do you get along with other employees?" Wouldn't you use the sign for MINGLE here or something?"

Answer: The sign that tends to be labeled (or have a headword of) PROCEED in many ASL dictionaries means more than its headword (or ASL gloss of) "PROCEED."  In your question you refer to PROCEED as a word.  Therein lies your challenge in understanding the use of the sign (labeled as) PROCEED.

PROCEED isn't a "word" it is a sign.

You are proceeding (ha) as if the meanings of the sign PROCEED and the meanings of the English word "proceed" are the same. 

They are not.

The meanings of the sign and the word overlap, yes, but there are differences. 

One of the differences between PROCEED and "proceed" is that "PROCEED" is sometimes used in ASL to mean "get along" as in to "two people get along with each other." 

PROCEED (in ASL) means such things as: "proceed, get along with, commence, moving forward from this point in time, get to it, get going with an endeavor, get under way, press on, advance forward, go on, go ahead," and similar concepts. 

PROCEED (in ASL)  unlike "proceed" (in English) isn't used to mean "wend" or "travel." PROCEED in ASL also doesn't mean to arise, originate, or result -- when followed by the sign "FROM."

If we signed YOU MINGLE OTHER WORK-PERSON YOU? it would meaning something along the lines of:
Do you hang out with other employees?
Do you interact with other employees?
Do you circulate amongst other employees?
Do you associate with other employees? 

All of which imply that a person gets along with other employees (else why would the person be hanging out with them) but doesn't specifically ask "do you get along with" them?

For an example of PROCEED being used to mean "get along with" see below:

In a video published by the Texas School for the Deaf in 2020, Trish Grooms uses the "PROCEED" sign to mean "get along with" in the phrase "...he thought that it was his fault that they don't get along with one another."
Reference: Grooms, Trish (Nov. 6, 2020) "Clinical Suicide Assessment for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students - Part 2" Retrieved, 4/13/2023 from


Also see:  "AFTER"


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