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American Sign Language: "police"

The sign for "police" represents the badge that police officers wear. Tap the right "C" hand on the upper left chest twice.



Here is another variation of the sign for POLICE:

Sample sentence: "The police will arrive soon." = POLICE ARRIVE SOON

I got an email asking about the one of the sign ins that sentence and realized I hadn't yet added the English description. So I added it :)

Kim writes:

Hey Dr. Vicars!
First, thank you for your hard work and dedication for Your work is NOT in vain! I truly couldn't afford to take ASL in a paid college setting. Thank you so much!
Now, when I looked up Police, there's a video. What is the last sign in the video (2 h hands slide against each other)? Thank you in advance!
- Kim

Dear Kim,
That sign is one of the variations of the sign for "soon."
-- Dr. V

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