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PICKLE: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "pickle"

The sign for "pickle" uses a "K" handshape at the corner of the chin. Twist it twice.




Why am I including the sign for pickle in this curriculum?  Because I like pickles.
So do most kids. Its a shame to not have pickles in the fridge or to not know the sign for pickle. 
Besides that, they are great on hamburgers. (Or veggie burgers for you healthy types.)


Sample sentence: Do you want pickles on your hamburger?



If you put the "P" hand on your cheek (instead of at the side of your chin) it will mean one of the versions of "pineapple."



If you use a "v" handshape instead of a "K" handshape it means "vinegar."  
Now you can say "vinegar and oil" by signing VINEGAR and spelling O-I-L. (As a topping for your SALAD.)



Note:  if you stick the "V" hand on your cheek (instead of the side of your chin) it becomes a version of the sign for "vegetable."


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