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American Sign Language: "photography"

The sign for "photography" is based on the sign "take a picture." The sign "PHOTOGRAPHY" is the same sign as "take-a-PICTURE" and/or "CAMERA" but the meaning is generally made clear via context.

"Take a picture." (photography)



"A photograph or picture"



Anne writes:

"Hello Dr. Vicars,
I have been looking around through different sites including lifeprint, and have not been able to find a sign for "photography" if it exists at all. I'm new to ASL and am learning through an online course for school. In one of my assignments, I'm required to tell a bit about myself, including some of my hobbies, one being photography. How would I sign "I like photography"?
- Anne

Dear Anne,
Just point at your self and then indicate that you like taking pictures.  I you note in the example below that I repeat the subject pronoun at the end of the sentence.  It isn't required to repeat the subject pronoun in this situation, but I notice that is how I do it when I "practice" the sentence to myself. I also add a bit of a nod on that last "I/me" sign.
- Dr. Bill

"I like photography"  = "I/me LIKE take-PICTURE I/me"


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