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American Sign Language: "people"

The sign for "people" is done three or more different ways. 
(Pity the poor unsuspecting ASL student--especially those taking a class from a "my way is the right way" type of instructor).

I personally use forward alternating rotational movement (as if pedaling a bicycle forward).
Many of my friends and associates also use a forward rotational movement.
Some of my friends and associates use a backward rotational movement. 
A few use an up and down alternating movement.



Sample sentence: What kind of people do you like?"



For another sample of "people" see: See: "animation."


PERSON / agent / "one who does"  (singular)
This sign, in general, means "person."  It can be used to mean "one who does something." For example, when used with teach, (TEACH + PERSON) it means "teacher."


Note: It is also very common to see "PERSON" initialized with "P" handshapes.


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