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ASL: "parameters"  / "The parameters of a sign"

"Parameters" is a context-dependent concept. There are a number of ways to sign parameters based on the intended meaning and the extent of established context. The way I sign parameters at the beginning of a lesson on parameters is different than the way I sign the concept at the end of the lesson. During the initial introduction of the concept (when teaching in an American classroom) the term "parameters" is commonly fingerspelled and then explained using signs such as EACH SIGN HAS DIFFERENT DIFFERENT PART. We can use other signs such as "ITS" (the 3rd person possessive pronoun" and CHARACTER-(characteristics) and then explain the various characteristics using signs such as MOVE-around, HANDS SHAPE, AREA-(location) PALM-[forward/back]-(palm-orientation). At some point we end up using the non-dominant hand "INDEX-list" sign that is sometimes labeled as "THESE." Then from that point on during that conversation we tend to sign "parameters" by signing "SIGN INDEX-list." The next day in class we can be more brief in our introduction of the topic and more quickly move to the point where we sign "INDEX-list" and our students know exactly to what we are referring.




If you mean parameters as in "measurements" see: MEASURE

If you mean parameters as in "parts" see: SOME/part
If you mean parameters as in a "list" see: LIST

Also see:




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