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American Sign Language: "paramedic"

Subject: Sign for Paramedic

Hi Dr. Bill,
If you get a chance, can you tell me if the sign for 'paramedic' is the
same as the sign for 'hospital', but with a 'p' hand shape?
Thank you,
- Heather Lowe

Dear Heather,
I would not do a cross on the shoulder to mean paramedic because that would conflict with the sign for "patient." (As in a "hospital patient.")
If you need to sign "paramedic" I would recommend tapping the tip of the middle finger of the "P" hand twice on the non-dominant wrist.
- Dr. Bill


Dr. Bill,
Oh, like 'd' on the wrist for doctor, but 'p' for paramedic. That makes sense.
My ASL study group was wondering about this so I'll pass the sign on to them.
Thank you very much,
-  Heather Lowe



See: PATIENT (Scroll down on the "Patient" page to see the medical version done on the shoulder.)

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