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American Sign Language: "other"

The sign for "other" is very similar to the sign for "TEN."
I tend to use a double motion for the sign "TEN" and a single motion for "OTHER."  But I do on occasion sign "TEN" using just a quick, single motion. It depends on if you are feeling "more definite" you'd use the single motion.  You can also use this sign to mean "else."

OTHER / else:


Sample sentence: "Who else in your family knows sign language?" = "YOUR FAMILY, WHO ELSE SIGN?"


Also see:  ANY


I recall observing a friend, (whom I consider a master communicator) teach a class of Deaf students.  I watched this teacher inflect the sign "OTHER" with a very quick, small, double motion and a wh-q (furrowed eyebrows, slightly tilted head) facial expression.  He was doing it as his response to an incorrect answer from a student.  He had asked a question, (the student responded), then instead of saying "wrong" this skilled communicator signed "OTHER" using the repeated motion and holding the sign in place for an extended time.  I thought to myself, "WOW! What a great way of getting your student to try a different answer without having to label him or her as being wrong."  Using just one sign what he communicated was, "That is not the answer I'm looking for, can you tell me some other possible solution to my question?" 


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