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American Sign Language: "Olympics"

The sign for "Olympics" is based on the sign for "chain" which in turn is based on the "connect" sign (which also means such things as "of," "join," "member of," and "link.")

OLYMPICS = "chain"

In normal everyday usage in a sentence signed between two fluent adults you only use "two" links (or "two" movements"). Sometimes you might see this sign done with three links but generally three links would be used only on first reference to introduce the topic to the conversation. For example, visualize an elementary school teacher getting the attention of her students and then excitedly signing "We are going to discuss the Olympics today!"  I'd use the "QUOTE" sign and spell the word Olympics on first usage followed by the sign for CHAIN.  Example: "TODAY MAKE DISCUSS QUOTE O-L-Y-M-P-I-C-S CHAIN!"  Upon second reference there would be no point in wasting the effort to make three movements.

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