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American Sign Language: "off"

Much of the time this concept is just fingerspelled. 
The fingerspelled form of "OFF" uses a strong quick movement. (lexicalized)
This would be a good version to use in the sentence, "Take your shoes off," which would be signed: "SHOES O-F-F."

OFF:  (fingerspelled version)

You could use the fingerspelled version of "off" to turn off an appliance or a computer, but another common and very clear sign is the sign for "power off."  This is a good version for such concepts as "shut down a computer," "power outage," or even "turn off your headlights."


Here is a general sign for "OFF."  In "Signed English" this sign means the same as the English word "off." Instead of using this sign, you should ask yourself, "Is there some more appropriate way to communicate the concept "off?"  In ASL this sign is generally only used to show a flat object such as a blanket, tarp, piece of paper, lid, etc. "blowing off," or "coming off."


Sometimes you may see adult Deaf doing this sign with little kids. In those instances it is being used as "motherese." (The specialized type of communication that takes place between adults and small children.) 

OFF: "knob version."  Turn a gadget off.

OFF:  "Switch version."  Flip a switch off.

"Turn off the lights."

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